WBI Help for Bulied Targets

Help for Bullied Targets from WBI: The 1.5 hr. DVD


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Advice for bullied individuals and their families from the staff of the Workplace Bullying Institute that has been proven to help bullied individuals regardless of the stage of their horrific experience.

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WBI Help for Bullied Targets DVD

A 1.5 hr. DVD featuring advice from the staff of the Workplace Bullying Institute — Drs. Gary & Ruth Namie (authors of The Bully At Work and The Bully-Free Workplace), Jessi Brown, LMHC (WBI professional coach), Sean Lunsford (WBI/Work Doctor consultant).

Based on our 15 years experience helping individuals, our coaching of over 6,000 bullied targets, our on-site consulting, and our public appearances as the North American experts on workplace bullying.

From our living room to yours. Full description of the DVD

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1 review for Help for Bullied Targets from WBI: The 1.5 hr. DVD

  1. 5 out of 5

    Rating by RK on June 11, 2012 :

    Overall, I was very pleased with the DVD, and I commend you for taking the time to make it. It does an excellent job of telling targets that they are not at fault and reassuring targets that there are indeed resources available to help you. I found the section on explaining the basics of mental health counseling and the legal world enormously helpful as these are areas that most targets will probably not know about. The interview of Mrs. Hernandez was especially telling and is a highlight of the video.

  2. Rating by Let's Talk with Kalola: Canadian Health Care Worker | Workplace Bullying Institute on March 21, 2014 :

    […] obtain (for a fee) personal and confidential coaching over the telephone.  There is also a DVD:  Help for Bullied Targets as well as other DVD’s available for […]

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