Work Doctor: Raising Employee Awareness

Work Doctor: Raising Employee Awareness


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Prevalence of Bullying

Thirty-five percent of adult Americans (an est. 54 million workers) report being bullied at work; an additional 15% witness it and vicariously are made miserable (according to the scientific national 2010 WBI U.S. Workplace Bullying Survey). It’s time to examine the real costs for employees (health consequences) and for employers (unwanted turnover, absenteeism, lawsuit or complaint settlements, workers comp and disability claims).

Employee Training

We know time is valuable. Help educate all employees in a 1-hour session. This DVD video training is designed for non-supervisory employees. It runs for 51 minutes. This allows for a brief post-video Q & A using the accompanying FAQ.

Meet the Presenter

Workplace Bullying: Raising Employee Awareness DVD

Raising Employee Awareness DVD

Program Topics

1. Introduction

2. The Phenomenon

3. Perpetrators

4. Who Gets Bullied

5. Why Bullying Happens

6. Impact on People

7. Impact on Organizations

8. Why Organizations Act

9. The Employer Solution

10. U.S. Legal Reform

Lessons viewers of the Raising Employee Awareness DVD will learn

- Everyone can learn to recognize bullying when it happens

- Bullying has negative consequences for both individuals and the organization

- Bullying harms employee health

- Unfettered bullying affects the “bottom line” & undermines the mission

- Bullying prevents employee engagement

- Bullying prevents productivity

- Bullying is unethical, but rarely illegal

- The majority of bullies are bosses

- With widespread recognition of the phenomenon by managers and non-supervisory employees, leadership can be convinced to take corrective steps

- With recognition, comes an eventual intolerance of jerks

- Bullying thrives on coerced silence, secrecy & sponsorship

- Employee education breaks the silence and launches the dialogue about solutions

- Knowing that there are alternatives to doing nothing or fear empowers all employees

- An aware organization is ready for systemic solutions

Raising Employee Awareness is meant to accompany the books The Bully-Free Workplace and The Bully At Work, available at all major retailers.

The Bully-Free Workplace by Gary and Ruth Namie

The Bully At Work by Gary and Ruth Namie

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